What type of Texas Timber bat should I order?

This is the number one question we receive and the answer can be simple or rather complex.  We have provided several tables that provide information on the length of bat by age, weight, height and bat type for general guidance.  Click here for details:  Models & Details

What type of wood do you use to produce your bats?


We use selected billets of Northern White Ash from the Catskill Mountains and Rock Maple from Canada. All of our game bats are produced from "Grade A" billets, with straight grains and color consistency. This is the same quality made available to professionals and we take great pride in bringing the same quality wood to professionals and amateurs alike.


When should I expect my bat order to be delivered? 


Most orders are shipped between 7 to 12 business days once we've received your order.  This can depend on the time of year - be sure to check your confirmation email with more details.  We ship UPS Ground.   

Do you offer bat holders for displaying my bat?


Yes.  We make our bat holders from unfinished white pine to allow the bat to be the centerpiece of the display.  They are designed for a desk mount, however by drilling holes through them they can be utilized for wall display as well.  You can purchase them here:  Bat Holders


What color combinations are available? 


We offer traditional colors of Pecan, Black, Cherry and Clear Coat.  We also offer Adult Ash bats in our Flame Treated process with Clear Coat.  We finish our bats in half coat, full coat and two-tone options with black handles which can be seen in our online store.  We have experimented with a variety of colors over the years and have chosen to use these popular and tradition colors for our brand and the integrity of the greatest tool in sports - the wood baseball bat.

How much do they cost?


Our custom designed bats range in price from $49 to $89 depending on the size, wood type and model. Our online store will provide real time pricing when you are making your selection. 

For customized bats, is there a maximum word and/or character limitation?


We can accommodate up to 30 characters per line.


Do you offer discounts on bulk orders? 



For orders of 10 or more bat orders we do. Contact us for pricing. 

How do I take care of my baseball bat?


Keep your bat in a dry environment and in an upright position when possible.  Do not leave your bat in the rain or on wet grass as it will pick up moisture.  Keep your bat free of dirt, oils, waxes and all other foreign materials.


Do you accept returns?


Because all of our bats are custom designed, we do not generally accept returns.  Please see our return policy for details:  Return Policy

Can I cancel an order after it has been submitted?


You may cancel your order within 24 hours of submission. Since we begin processing custom orders immediately, we have a very short window of time to cancel an order. But why would you do that? You are going to love our bats! 

How should I hold my bat when batting?


Face the Texas Timber trademark towards the sky or towards the ground. 

Ash:  The objective is to make bat & ball contact on the "side" of the bat where the grains are layered, commonly referred to as the strongest and hardest "side" of the bat.

Maple or Birch:  The objective is to make bat & ball contact on the "side" or the face of the grain.  This is based on research and guidance from MLB in 2009.  


MLB Maple bat controversy

In 2009, MLB conducted a study due to the amount of broken Maple bats.  After 6 months of research done by wood professionals and scientists, they concluded that Maple bats were breaking because Maple is a Diffuse-porous wood and that maple bats would be stronger if contact was made on the face grain instead of the end grain.  The study did not recommend any changes to Ash bats.

The results of this study have led to controversy among players and Maple bat companies.  Many players believe the study should have involved testing from actual contact by players as opposed to in a laboratory.  Also the players can hold the bat however they want regardless of where the logo is located on the bat, regardless of the conclusions of the study.

Please check out the links about the new regulations and articles from very frustrated maple bat producers.