Our Story

The Texas Timber Wood Bat is a finished product we are proud to call our own and we intend to keep this simple, yet genuine process alive for America and for baseball. We are fortunate to be able to produce custom wood bats for America's Pastime.

Started in 1998 by father and son, Wayland and Joe; we didn't have a business model, projected sales or a marketing plan. But what we did have is a passion for baseball and woodworking that we combined to start this adventure. 100% American Made in Texas.

We Stand by It


We've been making wood bats for the past 22 years and our sole mission has never waivered;  provide quality craftsmanship, traditional design and personalized products to our customers. We use Northern White Ash and Rock Maple for its combination of hardness, strength, weight, "feel", and durability. The wood is specifically selected for us from forests in the Catskill Mountains - the trees at least fifty years old before they are harvested. After harvest, the wood is dried for six to eight months. When then turn each, custom sizing the length and barrel diameter of the bat. The logo is burned into the wood, and a double-dipped finish completes the steps.

The result?

An heirloom quality classic................................ A tool for competitive play.

Ready for your playground................................No matter what your age.

For more details on the history and culture of the Texas Timber Bat Company, read this interview with the Founder of the Texas Timber Bat Co.!    
Interview with Founder of Texas Timber Bat Co.


Joe Hardin on the ole lathe...circa 1998