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Spencer Speirs – “Safe At Home”

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Throughout the years, Texas Timber has crafted bats for heroes of all types!  We are excited to share these personal stories “behind the bat.”  Thank you all for allowing us to be part of your story, we are truly honored and humbled to have connected with so many incredible families and individuals.  

Spencer Speirs – “Safe At Home”

November 2017

When we heard Spencer’s story, we were instantly touched because he was simultaneously dealing with one of life’s greatest joys, the pending birth of his son Wyatt, while also dealing with the reality that his time on earth was limited.  His condition was so serious, no one knew if he would be able to witness the birth of his own son. 

Spencer was a longtime baseball fan who enjoyed attending Texas Rangers baseball games with his Grandpa Charles and his brother Seth.  The love of baseball runs deep throughout the family.  His sister Hannah Speirs is currently known as the Texas Rangers Dancing Usher and is an inspiration and encouragement to so many. 

Spencer wanted to share his love of the game with his son in hopes that Wyatt would remember his dad’s passion for baseball.  Spencer’s condition continued to worsen, but on February 3, 2014 we were full of joy to hear Spencer witnessed the birth of his son!  We had the honor of making a baby bat to commemorate Wyatt’s birth.  

Twenty one days later on February 24, 2014 Spencer passed away.  As a tribute, his brother Seth requested a bat with the inscription “Safe At Home.” 

Once he gets older, Wyatt will be able to hold the baseball bat his father once held.  And although their time together on earth was too brief, it is heartwarming to know these two generations connected on earth and will reconnect someday in their heavenly home.